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Unleashing the power of acting to create bold communicators

In the boardroom. In the courtroom. In everyday conversations.

Our revolutionary training helps individuals at every step of their career prepare to command attention on any stage.

 We’ve replaced generic, forgettable training with proven methods that people will be intrigued by, genuinely connect with, and call upon for years to come.

Through our training for lawyers, you’ll feel empowered to take on any case with exceptional presence and unwavering confidence.

For law

Ready to let go of inhibitions and unleash your inner actor? Our tried and tested training has supported professionals at every level of their careers to overcome fears and command attention. See how far we could take you.

For individuals
"I’ve been to many training events during my career and this was a breath of fresh air. I found it very useful to take a new look at how I come across and if I truly engage my audience.
Commercial Director, Dyson

Not your run-of-the-mill corporate training

Unlike most training delivered by actors, our courses are run by directors and coaches whose experience goes well beyond the fundamentals of acting.


Experience in directing has given them a unique ability to quickly understand an individual’s strengths and limitations, even in a room full of people, and help them develop the skills needed to perform both physically and mentally.


We’ve taught at some of the industry’s most prestigious schools and studios, and used our extensive experience to develop radical actor training techniques for businesses and institutions.

Our recent partners:

Training as unique as you are

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