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All levels

Max. delegates per trainer


We'll cover:

Communicating under pressure

  • How to present the best version of yourself in even the toughest environments

Improving confidence and self-awareness

  • Understanding the barriers that stand in your way, and how to overcome them to make a positive impact


Influencing perceptions

  • How your communication style shapes what others think of you

Commanding attention

  • Enhancing your vocal and physical presence to make your voice heard

Adapting to your environment

  • Learning to master rhythm and tone of voice, and control it to suit various professional contexts

“Absolutely superb!!! Worth every penny - and more! The session was just a snapshot, but helped me think about the impression I could create (wittingly or unwittingly) with some excellent tips about improving that and making others comfortable.”

Barrister, Lincoln's Inn

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Public Speaking & Storytelling

Learn how to deliver exceptional performances and engage audiences with inspired storytelling. In this full-day workshop you’ll discover actor techniques and develop a stage presence that will captivate and create a lasting impression.

Presenting with Impact

From body language and tone, to physical positioning on-stage, in this half-day workshop we’ll cover every aspect of presenting so that you can overcome fears and deliver captivating presentations, time and time again.

Impact & Influence for Women

In this full-day workshop take time out to boost your confidence and reflect on how you portray natural authority and credibility. The actor techniques we teach are focused on the impact you can make through body language, voice and communication.


In this two-day workshop deep-dive into the principles of storytelling, discover why it’s such an effective tool for business leaders, and learn acting techniques that bring stories to life.

Public Speaking for Advocacy

We’ve developed a deep understanding of the nuances of the courtroom and know how critical it is to quickly establish trust and authority through what you say, and more importantly, the way you say it. In this half-day workshop you’ll feel empowered to take on any case with exceptional presence and unwavering confidence.

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Delivering the exceptional, every time

Our training is centred around the collective power of voice, body language, storytelling and creative thinking. Whether you want to improve your communication skills, learn how to command a room or become more persuasive, we have what it takes to get you there.

We’ll help you build a positive mindset and overcome personal barriers. After that, the world is your stage.

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